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  • Birthdate: 3/15/1984
  • Gener: Pop
Su Qing

Born in Nanning, Guangxi, Su Qing is a freelance singer in China.

Singer Detail

Su Qing graduated from Manchester University in the UK and Communication University of China. She has released nearly 100 original songs and 18 albums and composed many songs for different singers. Her hearty and natural voice and unique performance win the audient’s heart. Although she has not been trained in music she can write lyrics, and compose, record and mix music. Unlike other singers, Su Qing composes song about not only love but also other topics such as daily stories. She has won many notable awards.



This is a song written by Su Qing,inluding composing and lyrics. This song describes a story about love. The song was inspired by her former boyfriend, who was a very polite person. No matter what she did to him, he always answered thank you. Thank you for being his everyday phrase, but she thought it was ridiculous, so she wrote this song called《You are welcome》to make fun of him and record their love story. Also She thinks every couple will go through different stages in their love from ambiguity to understanding. She hopes every couple can fall in love until they are old, because true love is invincible

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