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  • Birthdate: 4/20/1992
  • Gener: POP
Ma Chanphana

My real name is Panha. Panha means knowledge. I have lucky to be born in this world. Even if I never get something I want from my warm family because my big ambitions, but i always make my own way to get what i want. Everything is buildup by learning, let's learn and discovery our world together before you 80. ^.^'

Singer Detail

ជម្រាបសួរពុកម៉ែបងប្អូន សូមចុចLinkខាងក្រោមនេះ ដើម្បីគាំទ្រចម្រៀង និងស្នាដៃសិល្បៈថ្មីៗរបស់ «ម៉ា ច័ន្ទបញ្ញា»

Real life:

Since I was a child I have ambitions to be a CAMBODIAN WORLD FILM MAKER and DESIGN COMPANY’S OWNER. 
In my free time, I liked to watch film and listen to music. I listed till I can write music and lyric by myself in grade 9. I always share it with my classmates.
Before I graduated my high school in 2008, I told my parents that I want to learn film. He agreed me, but unfortunately after I graduated school, my family got a bad luck with financial. So I must to leave my goal for a while and started to learn interior designing at Setec University that cheaper than the university I want 3 times. 

However, I have never thrown my goal even I forced to far from it. I have to learnt at Setec and I tried to avail oneself in my time to still study music and writing course. I stole learn it till I finished without everyone in my families known about it. Day by day, I tried to have relationship with everyone who related with arts.

Luckily in 2009 after I graduated, I got my first work place at BTV as a Video editor just when in year 1. I loved that first job so much. I learnt anything about film from that. Later, because my busying at university and another reasons because that is so far with very night in sometime, my parents decided me to leave that work with nostalgia.

Until 2011 I can built one band called, “SNAM NHO NHEM” or “Smiley Band” to join “National Music Competition 2011” at TVK. We got 2nd prize award.

In 2012, I can back a little by little to my goal as a film producer. The beginning of this year start, I was an actor in one cinematography that produced by Mr. Chhoy called, “Beautiful Heart”. Later, I built one small group with young talent guys that I met in facebook to do one mini movie called,”15 seconds”. That’s my first producing film and acting film in life.

In 2013, i brought my mini movie "15 seconds" to sign up Sabay mini movie but unfortunately my mini movie was fail and i got a called to work in Sabay TV department which later is my 2 years workplace. When i fail the Sabay Mini movie event, i started to make another short action movie but because i has no more financial to do it, i decided to stop in just a finishing of 1 sequence. Later, i decided to work with Sabay in 2 goals. One is to learn or get more experiences and have a permanent job. The second is to earn a part of salary or equipment to make my 3rd movie. Around middle of 2013, i spent my part of 6 months salary to make another short film named, "True love never ends" which i produced, directed, acted and compose with my talent team work. This short film was showcase in any event, television and any cinema. The viewer increase in youtube around 10000 viewers in just a few months.

In the middle of 2013 to the end of 2014, i worked permanent with Sabay TV as a multi-task staffs which worked on production assistant, video graphic designer, voice over, camera man, interviewer, character, MC, video project manager with memorable. During the end of working in Sabay, i got 2 mores awards from Asian and Asia festival. One is the Asia top fashionable singer 2014 in China and the other is Asian Young Writer 2014 in Thailand. 

It’s maybe because of what I got and I tried, I am learning and trying to get any experiences from environment I live. I am not dare to say that I am good at all in art but because of passion to archive my dream I just have experiences and doing on, Lyric/Music composing, Music editing, Musician (self learning), Vocalist, Cinematography producer and director, Video editor, Actor and Designer.

About instruments, I can used and learn by myself such as Keyboard, Harmonica, Plastic flute and Guitar. This is what my passion on in music. M not good with it at all, just know.

You can research me and my masterpieces in here. It’s not good yet, but I wish to be professional in someday as much as i can.

I really need everyone to support me. The more you support me, the more you live my dream to be real. Your supporting is my willing. Keep in touch. LOVE YOU! :*


ម៉ា ច័ន្ទបញ្ញា (MA CHANPANHA) - ម្នាក់ឯងមែនទេ? - Forever Alone

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