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  • Birthdate: 2/1/1992
  • Gener: POP
Mohammad Naqib Hafizuddin Bin Zulfikri
Brunei Darussalam

Full Name: Mohammad Naqib Hafizuddin Bin Zulfikri Stage Name: Kip Hafizuddin Date of Birth: 01/02/1992 (27 Years Old) Instagram: @Kip_Hafizuddin YouTube: Kip Hafizuddin Facebook Page: Kip Hafizuddin Music

Singer Detail

Personal Achievement/Programs participated Year
1. Top 15 on KFM teen idol 2011
2.  Top 5 on Acoustic Session 2014 
3. RTB Rapsodi (Short appearance) 2015 
4. Akustika Program  2016 
5. UTB Music Carnival performance 2016
6. Citra Irama  2017
7. NBT Acoustic Performance 2017
8. Ramadhan Satu Anugerah 2018
9. Nuansa Muzika  2018
10.  Rampai Pagi – Hari Raya ke-3 2018
11. Top No.1 for 5 weeks on KFM 2018
12. Invited judge for UTB Got Talents 2018
13. Invited singer for Best 914 2019
14. Rampai Pagi – January 2019


Bidadari Dunia

Inspiration is based on from my own personal life, everyone has been on a tough journey trying to maintain a good relationship but in the end it just doesn't work sometimes. This inspired me to write a piece of emotion with the title of 'Memilih Kau Pergi' or 'I'd rather choose you to leave'. There are many sad songs out there, but this is specifically my feeling that i pour in it.

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