ASEAN+3 song contestants enjoy Ha Long Bay

Posted On:7/27/2019 12:00:00 PM
Posted by VOV5

Hamabata Yohe, a guest singer from Japan, said: “This is the first time I’ve been to Ha Long Bay. Though Japan is an island country, I’ve never encountered such stunning landscape as in Ha Long with green islets and steep mountain cliffs. I really want to introduce Ha Long Bay to other Japanese people.”

Their trip around Ha Long Bay was livestreamed on the singers’ social media channels. Mazic, manager of Bruneian singer Kip Hafizuddin shared about his first-time experience in Ha Long: “I’m using my youtube channel for livestream and featuring my trip in Vietnam on my video blog. This is my first time in Vietnam. I enjoyed the stunning view when I came to many islands. I like the beautiful scenery in Vietnam that I can’t see in other places. So I’m grateful to be in Vietnam.”

This year’s “ASEAN+3 Song Contest” is its second edition. The singers joined the Vietnam Journey television channel of host Voice of Vietnam to spread the message of “Green Tourism” with the aim of limiting littering and protecting the environment.

The semifinal takes place on Saturday night (July 27) and the finale on Sunday night (July 28), which will be broadcast live on VOV English 24/7.